Management Consulting Services

Performance Improvement

From targeted solutions that yield an immediate impact to broad transformation programs that redefine how work gets done, we can help you take every function within your company to new levels of performance.

Cost Transformation: Eliminate ineffective, nonessential spending, and redirect the savings to the investments that will power your growth. Whether you need a sustained cost transformation effort, want to explore the substantial advantages of zero-based budgeting (perhaps in tandem with zero-based redesign), or need to accelerate a transformation to quickly achieve cash, cost, capital or revenue benefits, we can help. We can also work with you to drive down costs (and boost revenue) by tackling complexity so that you can devote more focus to customer needs.

Corporate Support: Raise the bar for your support functions, from a focus on efficiency to adding value. Transform finance, IT, HR, legal, facilities management and other functions into valued business partners that work together to provide a competitive advantage. If some of these functions are, or should be, centralized as shared services, we can help you maximize the speed, efficiency and quality of the work. And in cases in which it makes more sense to partner with third parties, we can guide you on choosing and working with the best partners so that your sourcing strategy complements your internal capabilities and serves your growth strategy.

Operations: From procurement and supply-chain efficiency to a range of core and cutting-edge manufacturing capabilities, we offer a broad range of experts with deep experience in operations. From the C-suite to the research lab to the shop floor to the customer service center, we can help you improve every component of your operations to boost the top and bottom lines. 

Business Strategy

There are few bad businesses, but many bad strategies. We bring experience across all geographies and industry sectors, to help you build lasting capabilities into your team and help your organization mobilize for change. We offer creative solutions that have helped thousands of companies develop and execute winning strategies that create more value in their business. We work collaboratively with you, so you can:

1. Achieve consistent, long-term growth, a feat only one in nine companies manages to pull off. Develop a corporate strategy that produces sustainable value, one that enables you to reach full potential in your core business, expand into adjacencies using a repeatable model, and successfully expand into emerging markets. 

2. Make key decisions on where to play and how to win by developing a business unit strategy that takes a specific business to its full potential.

3. Develop digital strategies that deliver on the promise of your core strategy, with a unique approach that combines near-term, high-impact initiatives with a bold vision for how your company will compete as digital reshapes your industry.

Leverage the power of proven tools and techniques that enable you to execute your strategy with nimble experimentation and quick-hit problem resolution that recapture the responsiveness your company enjoyed in its early days. Our structured approach to innovation enables you to merge the talents of your commercially focused and creative team members to spur the innovations that fuel your strategy. 


An effective organization clarifies where and how work gets done. Get that right and the payoff can be significant. Our research finds a 6% advantage in total shareholder return, and a notable boost in employee engagement. The secret: decisions. The best performers make better decisions, make them more quickly and execute them more effectively. Our experts can help you improve organizational performance from the top to the bottom of the org chart, by working with you to:

1. Build a bridge from strategy to results, using our proprietary diagnostic to assess your current operating model and determine how to effectively implement a strategic realignment, cost reduction program, merger integration, or seize any number of other opportunities. In situations where a fresh start is called for, zero-based redesign can help you simplify your organization, streamline work processes, advance your digital strategy and unlock massive savings.

2. Make and execute decisions faster than your competitors, by assessing and developing your decision effectiveness. Decision made, we help you execute it quickly and successfully, using Agile methods.