Commercial Funding Services

Bridge Loans

We facilitate bridge loans which we know is important for businesses in meeting short term obligations. We understand that businesses have different financial needs at any given time we ensure flexibility in the terms for our clients.

Equipment Financing

We understand that businesses require the release of necessary funds to purchase or lease that needed physical asset for business operations. Such assets could include company car, mechanical equipment, machinery etc. We ensure that the right equipment loan deal is provided to our clients. 

Commercial Construction Financing

With a Commercial Construction Loan, it provides financing for the construction of commercial or investment properties. We understand that these loans facilitate the completion of our clients' new project or renovation of an existing structure.


We facilitate loans that have asset hypothecation has security. This ensures the ownership of a pledged asset is still under the ownership of the owner therefore the enjoyment of the economic benefit of the asset is still sustained.

Fix and Flip Loan

We are positioned to provide our client access to financing for the purchase and rehabilitation of properties for their investment need. We understand the necessity for speed and flexibility in these kind of loans to ensure adequate returns on investment.

Commercial Funding Services

Working Capital Loan

Working Capital is so important to business operations because it provides funding to meet financial gaps on working capital needs due to the fact that business activities are cyclical or seasonal. We facilitate this source of finance for your business whether it is to cover accounts payable, wages etc.

SBA 7(a) Loan

These are loans for Small Businesses that are guaranteed by the government. These loans could be used for a wide variety of uses such as working capital needs, debt refinancing or purchase of commercial real estate etc. We closely work with our client through the loan application process in order to ensure a successful application.

Franchise Financing

We know that getting the right loan to purchase a franchise might be challenging. We ensure that we work with our client to make the process simple and stress-free.

SBA 504 Loan

The SBA loans are designed to provide affordable long term financing to small businesses with plans to purchase a long term fixed asset, land for developmental purpose or for the construction of facilities to be used for the operations of the business.

Invoice Financing

These are short term loans that provide businesses with immediate cash advance based on unpaid verifiable invoices aged no later than 90 days. It is a quick source of finance for business who do not have to wait for the payment of receivables for already executed jobs.